Trail Rules

Dougherty Ranch Rules

  1. All owners, boarders, students, and visitors must sign a Participants Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and abide by these rules.

  2. Helmets are advised at all times when mounting, mounted upon, dismounting a horse. Adults choosing not to wear a helmet must sign a helmet release form. No jumping without instructor present. Proper footwear required in and around barn at all times.

  3. Your dogs must be leashed on the ranch and on trails.

  4. Smoking is not allowed in any building, indoor arena, or on trails.

  5. All gates are to be closed except when passing through.

  6. No riding in barn aisles. Never tie horses or dogs to stall doors.

  7. Lead one horse at a time. Always use a halter. No loose unsupervised horses.

  8. No loose horses in the indoor arena at any time. Riding and lunging only.

  9. Outdoor/indoor arenas and Fournier trail to be shared by riders, instructors, and handlers. Priority given to lessons. Instructors are to be considerate of other instructor's schedules.

  10. Feeding by ranch personnel only--exception when providing own supplements. No hand feeding of the horses by students and visitors, as horses can intentionally or unintentionally bite the fingers or hands.

  11. Yield to incoming traffic at ranch entrance. Vehicle speed: 5 MPH.

  12. No children are to be running, yelling or playing around horses.

  13. All children under the age 18 must be supervised.

  14. Boarders must have annually renewed liability insurance on their horses.

Trail Rules

  1. An adult must accompany children under 18. No more than four minors per adult/instructor.

  2. No ponying horse on trail. No bicycles on trail.

  3. Remain at a walk entire length of the Fournier Trail.

  4. No grazing horses on Fournier Trail. Hikes are to yield right of way to equestrians.

  5. Stay on MAIN TRAIL (marked by arrows) to open space. No off-trail riding.

  6. Trail riders must be in full control of horse. Dougherty Ranch has the right to revoke access to Fournier Trail to any rider unable to demonstrate skills or compliance to the rules.

  7. No smoking or littering. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

  8. Please be quiet while on the Fournier Trail. See conversation to a minimum and at a low level.

  9. Fournier Trail access for Dougherty Ranch boards ONLY. Guests permitted with permission only.

  10. Dougherty/Fournier Liability Release MUST be signed by all users of any trail/ranch facility.