Boarding Services

  • We offer pasture boarding, pasture boarding with shelter, or stall boarding with attached paddocks. 

  • Since big horses usually eat more than smaller horses, we have priced our rate structure accordingly, so you pay only for what your own horse needs.

  • Horses are fed twice a day with your choice of top quality grass, alfalfa or oat hay.

  • 14 paddocks and turnouts.

  • All stalls are 12 x 12 and have rubber mats. Stalls are bedded with shavings and cleaned daily.


Additional Services

  • Daily Turnout (free for horses in stalls without attached paddocks)

  • Trailer Parking

  • Worming every 3 months (required)

  • Blanketing

  • Conditioning (lunging)

  • No charge to dispense medication when needed.

  • Facilities and experience for foaling out mares.


CONTACT US for Availability and Pricing

*Monthly Rates are based on type of stall or paddock*